Why Should Your Upholstery be Cleaned?

It’s where your friends crash at night. It’s where you watch your favorite TV shows. It’s also where your dog sleeps at night.

You may not give it much thought but your couch and your other upholstery need much care and attention too. Just like other things in your house, it needs cleaning and maintenance as well. So, if you have couches (who doesn’t?), sectionals, ottomans, bean bags, and others that have fabric or cloth, they will need deep and thorough cleaning every now and then, and so do our carpets.

Why do they need cleaning you ask? Here are the reasons why:

1. Appearance

Dust, dirt, grease, oil, sweat, pet dander, and other things can collect on your upholstery. You may live in the big city where tall skyscrapers surround you, or in a townhouse and rural or urban areas where trees and plants surround you but dirt and dust will always follow you. Weather changes in your area can also cause changes in humidity and make you sweat. If you spend much of your time on the couch, then chances are, it will have a good collection of these things. Not to mention, pet dander and hair if you have furry friends. All these things can degrade the appearance of your upholstery.

2. Health

Since your upholstery can collect the above mentioned, allergens, dust mites, molds, and pathogenic microorganisms can get into the filaments of your upholstery. They can be the cause of major allergies, skin sensitivities, and other health issues. If they are left unattended for long, they will only grow and reproduce rapidly. Keeping up a regular upholstery cleaning keeps your family and home safe and sound.

3. Air Quality

Each time you sit, sleep, move around, make any contact on your upholstery, you’re unconsciously discharging residue, dirt, dust, grime, dead skin, or even molds and bacteria not just to your upholstery, but also in the air. They can make the air thick. Who wants to breathe in air that’s laden with all the bad stuff? Your HVAC can take care of them, yes, but they can’t actually extract the bad stuff still lurking underneath.

4. Smell

Life happens on the coach. Maybe that’s too much of an exaggeration. But you get the point. The whole family spends a lot of time together in the living room, particularly on the couch. You watch TV and movies while eating on the couch, change the baby’s diaper or feed him there, or maybe just lounge around with your dog. A lot of things happen to your couch. As much as dirt, grease, molds, germs, etc. Gather on the couch, then so will odors. Not to mention, the smoke from the kitchen, cleaning sprays, perfumes, and others can contribute to an overall disagreeable smell.

Your upholstery is very functional. Keep them in their best shape by having them thoroughly cleaned regularly so they can work for you for long. If you want to know more, Maui upholstery cleaning can assist you.

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