Important Tree Surgery Equipment

Like any other jobs, tree surgeons also need the appropriate equipment. However, not like the other jobs, forgetting some of the tools could literally be costing your life. The following are some of the essential tree surgery tools that are needed for a tree surgery project and are used by a tree surgeon Guildford.

1. Hard Hat

If we are to compare a service provider to a superhero, then the hard hat is no longer needed. It seems like one of these things which people wear because it is a protection to their heads and it can really save their life if something unwanted incident happens. If a big tree branch were to hit your head from above without the hard hat on your head, it may cause severe injury or worse, death. With you wearing it however, you may just be fine.

2. Chainsaw Trousers

All chainsaw task carried out at elevated ground should be performed wearing chainsaw pants. The pants will definitely protect you against cuts. Accidents happen anytime and anywhere so you should be always wearing chainsaw pants to make sure your legs are safe from painful cuts.

3. Chainsaw Boots

Just like chainsaw trousers, boots protect you against injuries and accidents, and are equipped with steel toe protection. In addition to that, great balance is very essential in this work, so you should always consider hiring a professional and experienced tree surgeon with them wearing those pair of steel toe shoes.

4. Chainsaw Gloves

Always wear protective cloths when performing tree projects. Like you protecting your fingers as well as your hands with the chainsaw gloves, they also keep you warm during the winter months.

5. Friction Saver

A friction saver may be used for different tasks however, they are most usually used to protect the climbing rope from damaging from friction against the tree.

6. Throwing Bean Bag

This sounds very fun unfortunately, you will not find this tool at the party. As a matter of fact, throwing bean bag are used for hoisting the arborist line or rope into the tree. As the name suggests, you may also throw them very far.

7. Rope

You are definitely going to need a rope to climb the tree for your tree project, especially if you are pruning or cutting a huge tree. You should also make sure that the rope is in very good condition prior to performing the task.

8. Carry All

It is also considered as a bag which carries all tools. Instead of having all of your tools separate, you will save time by having everything inside the bag in an organized manner. Therefore, it is really worth investing in a carry all.

9. Spikes

Climbing a tree using spikes make it even easier. These spikes are very good to have when you are getting rid of the tree however, do not use them in some other circumstances, as they can only cause damage or injury to the tree.

10. Lanyard

Lanyard is used to secure the tools when you are at height, so they will not drop on the ground.