Tips to Properly Clean Your Windows 

Cleaning the windows in your home may seem like an easy task however a good clean can involve specific steps to ensure that your windows are squeaky clean. 



Your window may not be as clear as you think it would even if the sun shines its tightest. Factors like dirt, smudge, dust or spots from water that has not been thoroughly wiped out can cause your window to not shine at its best.  


If you are someone who wants to clean your home’s windows in an easy way, follow the steps and tips that follow. 


Inside part of the window:  

  • Prepare a bucket with water and put a few drops of liquid soap.  
  • Ensure that the place or floor near your window is still dry after the process of window cleaning through putting a towel on the window sill. 
  • Grab a piece of sponge or a cloth made of microfiber and dip it in the bucket. Start your way from the top part of the glass of your window downwards. Include the frame of the glass as well. 
  • Grab a spray of liquid solution for window cleaning and spray the glass of your window.  
  • Use a clean and dry towel or cloth, preferably let free to wipe away the solution and to dry the window. 
  • You are basically done if you see the window is clear, however do repeat the process if there are still streaks present. 


Outside part of your window: 

  • The outside part of your window will definitely be harder to handle than the inside. Since the outer part is exposed to more dirt, more cleaning is required. To clear out the stains, grab a bucket and fill it with water. Add drops of liquid soap and mix. 
  • Use a cloth and dip it in the solution that’s in the bucket. The same direction applies like the mopping done with the inside of the window. Wipe in a downward direction.  
  • Use a hose to clear the dirt. 
  • Through the use of a spray cleaner meant for windows or a solution you made at home yourself, spray the window. 
  • Grab a squeegee and angle it downwards. The same direction applies. You can also use a cloth in this step. 
  • If you have droppings from birds in the glass of your windows, it might be harder to get rid of. Soak it with the solution for a specific duration of time or if you do not have enough patience, scrub it with a songs. Take note, never use a steel wool as it can scratch the glass of your windows.  
  • If you have screens, scrub it with the same solution you used with the glass. After scrubbing, rinse it with water alone. Let the screens dry out.  


There are other was to clean your windows and that can include window cleaning options provided by window cleaning services. Not only will they get the work out from your hands but they will also provide a very good job at making your windows spotless and stain free. Looking for help in cleaning your windows? Connect with 


The Pros and Cons of Most Common Home Foundations

The foundation you’re going to install in your home will still depend on your preference and budget. The foundation is basically the portion of your house that carries the load of the structure that’s going to be built upon it. No matter what kind of foundation you’re going to install, it should keep out the groundwater from penetrating, support the weight of the structure and act as a barrier to soil vapor and water.

Almost all foundations available in the market can do those jobs, but they have difference in pros and cons. While you decide the type of foundation that’s perfect for your house, you should consider a lot of things. This is the most challenging part, that’s why contractors of foundation repair Watauga TX are there to help you out. As a starter, the following are the basic things you should know about the types of foundation.

1. Slab Foundation

The most common type of foundation is the slab which requires a lot of manual labor to prepare before you build the foundation. But when compared to other types of foundation, the installation of slab foundation is simpler compare to the others. This is also popular to homeowners because it’s not that too costly.

Like all the types of foundations, installing the slab starts with pouring the concrete footers 24 inches below the projected grade. After everything is poured, two layers of concrete block are put on the footer’s top. After the laying, the internal piping is installed. After that, the concrete will add some rock filler followed by concrete (4 inches) poured in its top.


If you’re on a budget, the slab foundation will really save you. This is by far the cheapest option out there. It also requires a low maintenance, so if you’re tight on budget you can install this.


Even though it requires little maintenance, slab foundation is going to cost you a lot for repairs. It also doesn’t offer maximum protection from harsh weathers.

2. Crawlspace Foundations

This type of foundation is elevated from the ground. The installation is similar to the slab foundation. The contractors will pour the footing, lay the blocks and build the foundation. It takes time to build this type of foundation.


Because of the crawl space available, you will have easy access to the utilities. You can install the ductwork, piping and wiring so you can have easy access on them once repairs and maintenance are made. It also has warmer floors compare to the slab foundation.


One of the biggest drawbacks of crawl space foundation is that it is prone to moisture, that’s why you have to install a high-end vapor/moisture barrier.

3. Basement Foundations

Basement foundations are now built with poured concrete walls which prevent moisture permeation and structural integrity problems.


When it comes to repair, it’s easy to do standing up because the basement is accessible. The basement can also be a seasonal living space for you family. It can also protect you from storms.


Basement foundation is the most expensive type of foundation. It lacks natural lights, and also prone to flooding.

Ideas to Make Your Wedding Reception Creative and Memorable

Weddings are special event in a family. It marks the union of two different people into one unit. This is worthy of saving for later for you to peruse. There is more than just one way for you to get to that conclusion.

You can hire a photographer for the moments that you want to capture. You may want to try a wedding photo booth rental in Tucson. You can also make a game out of it where everyone can try to snap a picture of a list of things that they should be on the look-out for. You can even go as far as hiring an on- site painter to paint a picture if you are up for that.

In this article, you will learn a couple of ideas to make your wedding reception is creative, fun and memorable.


Show your appreciation to your guests by making sure that you should look after them. You should prepare an awesome but thoughtful wedding favor. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it could be something personal to you. Avoid buying wedding favors that look just like the next one, instead try to prepare one that is significant to you a couple.

You can have cookies, honeys, coffee beans, seeds, shawls, sunglasses, photos from the wedding. This kind of wedding favors seems like everyday things but it can really be great for you too.


It’s important that you think about the seating arrangement. It is nice to pair up people to meet new friends and make connection, but the event is about you for once and you should probably seat people together who knows each other. This is a way for them to catch up and just enjoy the event or reception without having to make small talk or making a new connection.


There will be undoubtedly some kids at your wedding and unless you want some serious meltdowns. You should have something prepared for them. You can arrange for babysitters in a separate area for them to watch movies and stuff like that. You should keep them entertain the best that you know how.


This could be in a form of a game or you hire on an entertainer. It is something for you to consider if you don’t want a lull in your wedding. You don’t have to go the tradition route at all, as long as you enjoy the moment. It could be something that they would remember pretty well.


You probably don’t need to do the three-course meal but rather stretched it into four or five light meals but not to light. This would make the whole night entertaining and fun in a way; you can get people into the dance floor and you’ll have more of a happy looking guest. So, you don’t have to starve them.

The creativity and moments in your wedding reception are all about in the way that the whole reception is handled. You should create opportunities for moments to happen rather than going through the same tired thing again.